Paul Webb

The True Vendor Difference: Paul Webb’s unique training approach combines an “interactive” and “guided discovery” learning process with timed-tested effective sales and management techniques.

Paul Webb, began his automotive career in 1988 and has presented training and consulting programs to automotive OEMs, NADA Dealer 20 Groups, NADA Management Seminars, NADA Conventions Keynotes and individual car dealerships. As Director of Training for leading private and publicly owned Dealerships Groups, Paul Webb has delivered customized sales and management training programs to increase profits as much as $54K in 5 weeks. One client who was selling 435 used vehicles a month switched to using Paul Webb Training and increased sales to a store record of 719 used vehicles in one month.

Products/Services Offered

  • Sales Training
  • Internet Sales Training
  • Phone Sales Training

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Vendor Checklist

Service Area: International
Established: 1988
Vendor Relations: No
Offer Training: Yes
Headquarters: California


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