Alan Ram

The True Vendor Difference: Alan is recognized by most as the best in the automotive business at increasing individual, as well as dealership productivity through effective utilization of the telephone, Internet and client base management.

Upon being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Alan began a career in the Automotive industry at what would later become the nation’s second highest volume Nissan dealership. Alan was promoted through every position on the front end of the dealership, up to General Sales Manager by age 25. In 1991, after realizing the tremendous need for high-quality automotive sales & management training, Alan launched Proactive Training Solutions, Inc.

Products/Services Offered

  • Sales Training
  • Internet Sales Training
  • Phone Sales Training

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Vendor Checklist

Service Area: International
Established: 1991
Vendor Relations: No
Offer Training: Yes
Headquarters: Arizona


Top Ten Sales Trainers

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